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New Ebook Coming Out

Posted on: August 11th, 2011 by admin No Comments

Our new eBook coming out in the coming weeks. It is titled “Chocolate Against Diabetes”. It is aimed at people with diabetes who can now enjoy chocolate again.  

Chocolate Recipe Guilt Free

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We will be revamping our website in the coming weeks. As part of this revamp we will be removing the 2 current bonus eBooks “Kids Chocolate Kitchen” & “Dreamy Chocolate Kitchen”. They will be replaced with 2 other bonus eBooks but there will be only 30 + recipes available for $24.95. So be quick to make sure that you get your 70+ recipes for the current price of $24.95.

Chocolate Against Child Obesity

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Pam & I are happy to announce that our new eBook “Chocolate Against Child Obesity” will be available very shortly. This eBook goes into detail on how you as a parent can help your kid if they are becoming prone to child obesity. It is a strategy to help you take the first step in winning the war on childhood obesity. For those who have purchased our original book “Chocolate Recipe Guilt Free” this is a revised copy of the bonus eBook “Kids Chocolate Kitchen”, I am happy to send out a free copy to those who have bought the original eBook and who would like a copy of the new one. Just drop me an email. 

Enjoy and eat more chocolate

Andre & Pam

Price Rise

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G’Day from Team Chocolate

As we talked about previously the introduction price will be expired by the end of the week. It will then go up to the normal price of $24.95. So for all you people who are undecided you need to get in quick.


Team Chocolate

Andre & Pam

Healthy Chocolate Is There Such A Thing?

Posted on: March 6th, 2011 by admin 1 Comment

Hi Guys
Is there such a thing as healthy chocolate? Yes there is. Our chocolate is extremely high in flavanols, the antioxidants which occur naturally in raw cacao. They are known to protect cells from free radical damage inhibiting the spread of cancer. Recent research by the Harley St Clinic, London, has shown that they also increase the skin’s resistance to the damaging effects of UV rays.
Flavanols have been linked to heart health and improving elasticity in blood vessels. This means less wrinkles and signs of ageing caused by sun exposure! Our chocolate contains many times more antioxidants than even green tea or red wine.
Appetite Inhibitors
Chocolate actually contains a chemical that inhibits the appetite. Have you ever wondered why many diet foods are chocolate flavored? It is because it works! This, however, would probably not be a good thing if one was to fill up on unhealthy processed chocolate to the exclusion of more healthy foods.
However as our chocolate is probably the most nutritious food on the planet – Go for it!
Team Chcoclate
Andre & Pam

Can Our Chocolate Help With Child Obesity

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Yes we believe that it can. There are 3 main things that you have to do to help overcome childhood obesity. 1/ Change their diet 2/ Get them off the couch or away from the computer 3/ Exercise. With our eBooks you are dealing with the first 2. Changing their diet to a more healthier one and 2 you are getting them off the couch because they are in the kitchen making their own chocolate treats and snacks. The exercise thats the hard one but by getting all the family involved in things like ball games, frisbee, walk along the beach, etc it helps everybody and it also brings the family together.
Enjoy Our Chocolate
Team Chocolate
Andre & Pam

Happy New Year

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Is there a better way to start off the new year then by committing to eating a better and healther diet? We all love our comfort foods and unfortunately processed chocolate is one of the most popular comfort foods. Is it healthy or good for you? Do you suffer from that “guilt feeling” after you have over indulged? Our chocolate recipe is not only yummy, sweet and delicious but it is a healthy alternative while still being a comfort food. Amazing but true, read the book to find all the reasons why.
Wishing you all a Happy and Safe New Year
Andre & Pam