G’Day From Downunder

Hi it’s Lucy here and we would like to welcome you to our site. We are new at this so thank you for your patience in us getting everything right.

Just to give you some background about us, Pam is a retired home economics teacher who has had a keen interest in nutrition and healthy eating for most of her life. This book came about because she wanted to share with the world the SECRET she discovered about this chocolate recipe a few years back. Unfortunately we can’t reveal the SECRET to you unless you buy the book but we guarantee your money back if you are not as amazed as we were when we found out about this chocolate recipe. It is literary mind blowing and the best part is that it is delicious and healthy. Unbelievable but true.

We had a great deal of fun creating and putting together the 70 recipes that you get if you buy the book. There are 30 recipes in the main book Chocolate Recipe Guilt Free, 20 recipes in the Kids Chocolate Kitchen and 20 recipes in Dreamy Chocolate Christmas. All recipes have a colour photo to show you what the finished item looks like. There is nothing worse than getting a recipe book and there are no pictures to show you what it is supposed to look like. Pam tends to not buy or use those recipe books.

All the recipes are deliciously scrumptious and a hit with all our friends when they come to visit. They eagerly wait to see what treats Pam has put together for dessert or to go with coffee after dinner.

Just to make sure that you know, we do not use any sugar in any of the recipes but we do use a natural sweetener for those with a sweet tooth but still like it healthy. All our ingredients are natural and healthy and readily available at your local health food shop or on line.

I suppose I had better write a few lines about myself. Me, I like food and I also like to cook. Pam has brought a whole new range of yummy foods into my life and the SECRET chocolate recipe would have to be the best. Pam says, like most males I make a big mess when I cook so lately I have taken a less predominate roll in the kitchen and get to do the washing up. Its great as Pam cleans as she goes and usually there is very little to clean up after she cooks.

I also helped put together the recipes and we worked well as a team. I also took about 500 photos to make sure that I got just the right shot to make the chocolate recipes look their best. I am very proud of the way the photos turned out.
Once again thank you for taking the time to read our site. Pam and I are very proud of the way the books have turned out and we are glad that we have been able to contribute to making the people of the world eat a chocolate recipe that is not only healthy but absolutely delicious.