Healthy Chocolate Is There Such A Thing?

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Hi Guys
Is there such a thing as healthy chocolate? Yes there is. Our chocolate is extremely high in flavanols, the antioxidants which occur naturally in raw cacao. They are known to protect cells from free radical damage inhibiting the spread of cancer. Recent research by the Harley St Clinic, London, has shown that they also increase the skin’s resistance to the damaging effects of UV rays.
Flavanols have been linked to heart health and improving elasticity in blood vessels. This means less wrinkles and signs of ageing caused by sun exposure! Our chocolate contains many times more antioxidants than even green tea or red wine.
Appetite Inhibitors
Chocolate actually contains a chemical that inhibits the appetite. Have you ever wondered why many diet foods are chocolate flavored? It is because it works! This, however, would probably not be a good thing if one was to fill up on unhealthy processed chocolate to the exclusion of more healthy foods.
However as our chocolate is probably the most nutritious food on the planet – Go for it!
Team Chcoclate
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